MS Firerated Sealant

MS Firerated Sealant

High Performance Elastomeric Intumescent Expansion Joint Sealant

MS Firerated is a one part fire rated MS Polymer based sealant designed for sealing expansion joints and compression joints where frequent movement is anticipated as part of a fire resistant assembly. The sealant is formulated to intumesce on exposure to high temperatures to form a fire and smoke resistant joint seal.

  • 4 hours fire rating


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More Details

MS Firerated is non-hazardous, will not emit halogenated by products under fire conditions and contains no raw materials known to have an oestrogenic effect on the environment. The sealant offers excellent levels of adhesion to most construction substrates and can be overpainted with oil, polyurethane or latex paints.

It’s ideal for sealing application which requires both fire and acoustic ratings.

  • Elastomeric Intumescent Seal
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Paintable
  • Silicon Free
  • Resistant To UV Light
  • Abrasion Resistant Including Foot Traffic

Fire Rating

MS Firerated Sealant will achieve in excess of 4 hours fire rating in specified joint

The fire ratings have been achieved during tests carried out to British Standard 476 Part 20 : 1987 and are specific to the conditions of test. They do, however, provide a good indication of the expected performance of the sealant in fire situations. Users should satisfy themselves that MS Firerate is suitable for any proposed applications; specific testing of particular systems may be required. All substrates being used in a fire rated system must have an equivalent fire rating to achieve a nominated level of performance.

All tests were carried out with sealant on the fire side of the furnace within a simulated aerated concrete wall construction.


600ml sausages | 310ml cartridges

Technical Data Sheets & MSDS

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