Acrylic Sports Flooring Systems

acrylic sports flooring

Tennis Court Floor Covering Systems

A unique tennis court covering system developed with the latest Acrylic Latex Technology which can be applied on asphalt and concrete floors.

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Standard System

It is composed of components that are produced with 100% pure acrylic latex polymers. It is the most economical system.  It is a covering that can be used during all four seasons and that it has an aesthetical, long-lasting and textured structure with a topcoat covering colored with UV resistant pigments provide the players with an opportunity to play comfortably and with a good performance. As it is used as a tennis court floor covering, it is also safely used in multipurpose outdoor play fields for basketball, volleyball, and handball. It is classified as number 2 by ITF (ITF pace rate :2). As it is recommended to be used on the asphalt floor, it can also be used on suitable concrete floors after the surface preparations are made with proper primer systems

Cushion System

The system has acquired an elastic structure with UNIRUBBER coat that was created by mixing the very special granulometric rubber powder in a %100 pure acrylic latex polymer. Cushion  System which is used for multipurpose in outdoors provides a comfortable, safe and high performance game for the player thanks to its impact absorber floor feature. Cushion System which has to be applied on concrete infrastructure may also be applied on concrete floors whose surface preparation is properly made. It is classified as number 1 by ITF Its average application thickness is 3 mm. ITF Pace Rate :1)


Cushion Plus System

A professional system with its impact absorbing feature increased with 8 coats of UNIRUBBER, Cushion Plus provides a game at a medium speed. The system creates a long lasting floor that may be used during four seasons. The combination of 8 different colors enables you to create field floors of different colors. Not requiring any maintenance,  Cushion Plus gives the player the joy of a professional game with its long lasting quality and comfort. It is classified as number 3 by ITF. (ITF Pace Rate :3)


Technical Data Sheets & MSDS

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