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Drainage Systems


Light weight drainage mats
for sub-soil drainage

A lightweight yet sturdy sub-soil drainage mat of height 30mm, developed to replace the traditional use of granite aggregates for sub-soil drainage. It also acts as
a protection medium for waterproofing membrane in applications such as roof.

MERZ Drain V – Drainage Membrane

HDPE dimpled membranes with filter fabric
for drainage of underground walls and roof gardens

MERZ Drain V is the protective membrane par excellence in all construction sites where the technical component is important in terms of drainage capacity and mechanical strength

  • High compressive strength
  • Dimpled sheet channels remain unclogged
  • Guarantees the maintenance of high draining capacity

M TEX – Geotextile Fabrics

Non-woven fabric in needle-punched polyester
for the drainage of construction works

Consisting of 100% synthetic fibers, mainly polyester, resin-free and glue-free, M Tex geo fabric represents the best solution when building tunnels, waste dumps, water basins, river banks and reinforced soil.

  • Highest resistance to punching and compression.
  • Rot-proof and Mould free
  • Limiting erosion of banks in environmental reclaiming and hydraulic works.

M Star Drain – Dimpled Protection Membrane

HDPE dimpled membranes
for protection and drainage of underground wall

The 1860 star-shaped dimples and an air volume of approximately 5 L/m2 ensure efficient protection of the waterproofing layer and proper ventilation between the wall and the soil.

  • High compressive strength
  • Tear-proof and root-resistant
  • Impact resistant, elastic

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