Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion


Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion is a thixotropic cold applied rubberized bitumen emulsion, single component dark brown liquid, which dries to provide a flexible, resilient coating.

Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion is used as a dampproof membrane behind retaining walls and as a damp-proof membrane for basement structures. RBE is suitable for protect all types of concrete and many adhesive applications Tanking and waterproofing below ground structures providing and impervious membrane as a highly effective vapour sealer and curing compound.

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Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion combines the waterproofing benefits of bitumen with the elongation and crack bridging benefits of rubber latex. The result is a durable flexible membrane for all water proofing applications. Curing and waterproofing can be completed in one application. Mixguard RBE is a single component, solvent free material. Non-flammable and nontoxic, resistant to chloride and sulphate attacks.

Mixguard RBE will deteriorate under UV and may be protected from such damage by painting with water-based paints. Consult paint manufacturers regarding method of application and suitability of paint for use over bituminous coatings. Not suitable for negative water pressure applications.

Available in few different formulation


1L, 4L, 10L, 20L


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