PU Sports Flooring System

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Polyurethane based sports floor covering system is composed of the application of 4 different polyurethane components on top of the roll pad infrastructure that is produced out of the rand polyurethane and the recycle granulometric rubber mix that is 4-10 mm thick. Indoors sports hall covering system is applied by pouring on the floor. Because the system is liquid, it makes a seamless and smooth floor. It is easy to maintain and it has a wide range of colors. In addition to its standard colors, it can be produced in different colors upon request.

  • Designed in accordance with a high performance use.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Seamless application. It is an ideal solution for multipurpose sports hall.
  • Perfect impact absorbing feature.
  • High tear resistance.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It is used in indoors basketball, volleyball, handball, mini football, aerobics, dance, gymnastics floors.

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Athletic Track Flooring

These systems are the indispensable floor covering systems for the indoor or outdoor athletic tracks. Following the application of rubber granules which are recycling products on the floor through spreading with polyurethane binders and then Polyurethane 2K elastic materials and EPDM granules are fixed on the first coat, so the coverings are formed at the 13-15 mm thickness.

This system meets the IAAF requirements and contains Elastic Polyurethane components. It provides floors that have high performance and long life and no requirement for maintenance.

Technical Data Sheets & MSDS

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