2-Part Acrylic Modified Cementitious Coating

cementitious waterproofing

Two component acrylic modified cementitious coating is a flexible waterproofing system based on selected liquid polymer and powder. Acrylic modified cementitious coating is widely used for water tightness works, protection of concrete structures against water, vapor, ingress of chloride ions, attacks of acidic gases and alkalis., water proofing of masonry structures, marble and other construction materials.

Part A is a blend of cement, selected fillers, polymers and graded silica sand which is in the powder form. Part B, the liquid contains acrylic co-polymers and wetting agents.

Acrylic modified cementitious coating cures to form a tough flexible coating having excellent waterproofing properties.

• Good adhesion to almost all surfaces
• Non toxic, so suitable for potable water
• Hard wearing and seamless
• Excellent water proof and flexible in nature

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  • General construction, water and damp proofing, basements and concrete structures
  • For swimming pools, lift holes, spill ways bathroom slabs, kitchen slabs and other wet areas
  • Seals pre-cast joints; high elongation can accommodate pre-cast joints sealing
  • Water and dampproof lining for water retaining structures
  • For water proofing of drinking water reservoirs, both interior and exterior
  • To provide protection for concrete against carbonation and chloride attack.
  • For coating in sea water foundation protection Water proofing coating for roofs and tunnels Marine walkways, sea water channels, etc.


1.6kg/m2 for 2coat for minimum thickness of 750microns 


Mixguard AC Super is available in 20kg kit

Part A(Powder): 10Kg + Part B (liquid): 10Kg

Technical Data Sheets & MSDS

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