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Different types of green roofs

Green Roof is a roof is partially or completely covered with vegetation on top of a waterproofing membrane. Green technologies are becoming increasingly important now a days and people gets more conscious and demanding of their living environment. Developing cities use un-utilised or under-utilised space on the roofs of buildings, especially flat concrete roofs of high rise buildings, to construct a roof garden.

There are two types of green roof: extensive roofs and intensive roofs.
Intensive green roofs
are widely used on commercial buildings with large green areas that incorporate all sizes and types of plants. These roofs will have grasses, flowers, shrubs and even trees and also include walkways benches, tables, planter boxes, greenhouses, ponds and fountains etc. The intensive green roof uses planting mediums that have larger depth which allows to accommodate large plants. However, intensive green roofs require more maintenance
Extensive roofs
are more often used in residential buildings. These often require minimal maintenance. These are light weight and of small soil depth.

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